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Nov. 9th, 2008 @ 12:32 pm A day not so long ago... Pampering!
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It has been a while since I have updated My Livejournal because I have been busy and otherwise entertained and occupied lately. Here is a glimpse into My spoiled and pampered life. A Friday not so long ago, Halloween. First off, because I work at a great club we had a great Halloween bash there and I got to spend the daytime with about 50 of the hottest women of Atlanta, all dressed up in some of the best costumes I have ever seen - Naughty style. It was not mandatory to dress up, but as Exotic Dancers, we love every opportunity to do so -- especially when there is a costume contest involved. Which we had -- for cash prizes. Well here are some of the wonderful and creative costumes I got to see. There were a few naughty pirates, a catwoman, a female pimp, a naughty and very well done police officer, a hot teacher, some school girls, a hooter girl and one girl even had her body only wrapped in the most minimal of caution tape. She looked HOT! Then there were some kitty cats, a naughty girl scout, a very revealing french maid, and just too many to mention. Our housemom sported the "celtic babarian" look that she created from scratch -- complete with face paint and one of the better costumes I have seen. The Dj was a nerd and the floorman was the most realistic looking pimp I had ever seen in My life. Wow -- that is all I could say -- and that was only a sampling of the dayshift. I of course was dressed up as a naughty german exchange student. In this way we had fun all day long. While I didn't win any of the cash prizes -- trust Me, they had Me well outdone in all of that -- I did get wisked away to VIP and did have a great time that day.

Now, for the best part, once I got home. See that is where My life really shows itself in its full glory. da'Havor really went and made My day. After work we tried to surprise each other with going out to Olive Garden - it was something I had planned and something he had planned as well. So we went and had a great time there eating really well. Then we returned to the house. There he had set up the livingroom most spectacularely. Fire going in the fire place. Candles all around the room. Gemstones on the fireplace to make it sparkle even more. Silk sheets with rosepedals and comfy pillows. Soft Music playing. Massage oils.

He had Me lay there and relax while he gave Me an intense one hour full body massage. I meditated and relaxed while he rubbed every part of My body. Even the most professional and fancy massages I have ever gotten in the most expensive spas could not compare to that one he gave Me. There is a number of times when I was close to falling to sleep, so relaxed was I. 

Of course because da'Havor is My lover and future to be husband he also pleased Me sensually after the massage. This massage had a very happy ending. *purrs*.

Then, if that had not been enough, he had also prepared the bathroom as well, with a luxurious bath. Again, candles all around, insense burning and rose pedals all over too. The bath was hot and well drawn. There was chocolate too! Since I prefer him in the bath with Me we shared the bath together while we relaxed and talked. 

This evening of Halloween was one of My best days in a while, and it shows just how well a Goddess can be pampered just using what is around at home.

HayaH ---
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