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Nov. 9th, 2008 @ 12:56 pm Six Flags, Shoe shopping expedition, Movies..ohh yeah!
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November 2nd, 2008 -- another glimpse into My life...

This was a Sunday. I had spent way too much time recently traveling to My mothers and being at the club that I decided it was time to head to Six Flags for the last time of the season. While I had fun at the park I did not feel like staying too long. It was too cold for Me for the water - rides I was interested in and the sky gondolas were not up and running. Furthermore the park was packed. With Me having a season pass for 2009 with free parking for BOTH parks I did not need to stay there when it was packed. So Me and da'Havor headed back again. I decided that we should do something else for the rest of the day, so I walked around with him in one of the major shopping areas in My town. We got an ice cream shake which we shared. Delicious. Then I saw a Shoe store and went inside to look around. Very nice. While I may have money I do not feel often like buying things at full price if I can have nicer things on Sale. So I proceeded to buy about $350 worth of Shoes for Myself for about 60$ and even got a nice pair of shoes that were worth twice as much for da'Havor for 25$. Not bad for an hour of shopping. There I also found a nice ensamble set for My new passport, notepad, wallet, checkbook cover and a few other things that I will be getting in the future. After the shopping spree I and da'Havor went to see a movie. All in all a wonderful day.

HayaH ---
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