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Nov. 25th, 2008 @ 07:01 pm Visiting My Mother
Current Location: Over Mother's House
Current Mood: happyhappy
I spent Saturday night and Sunday over My Mother's House. It is good thing that I went over there on Saturday and Sunday because I met someone there that will be making things much easier with My Mother's Cat Sanctuary in the future if everything goes right.

The Lady came there to adopt a cat. Well during the adoption process we all talked and found out that the Lady worked with the school system and was an avid cat lover. She offered to help not only with getting funding for My Mother's Sanctuary but also with the website for the project. There was even talk of incorporating the informal sanctuary and turning it into an actual shelter for Cats. Me and the Lady brainstormed on the site on the spot and exchanged e-mail addresses. It was funny, when she came I knew that she was going to get a certain kind of cat and even pointed out to My Mother which one(s) were going to go with her before everything was said and done.  It was funny when My intuitions are that keen and able to sense stuff that most people would not -- because the Lady left and then came back 2 hours later with her mother - in - law who lived right next door to her. The mother - in - law wanted a cat too and she took one of the ones I said would be taken and really liked the second one I said too. I have a feeling she will come back for that other cat :). I love being right with My intuitions.

Due to this development I will have to take a few hours in the next few days and write some long e-mails to the Lady to plan out the site and a fundraiser or two. This will keep Me busy but it's for a good cause. My Mother loves rescuing cats and any chance I got to make that be her life work is a chance I am going to take.

There was other cool stuff that happened during the visit as well of course. Watching of TV. Mother/daughter bonding. And of course eating really good home cooking. My Mother makes the most amazing potato salad ever. And she had made a cake too for My Visit to sweeten the day even more.

Divine HayaH ---
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