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Dec. 27th, 2008 @ 02:16 pm Goddess Thoughts.... "Enjoying My time"....
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I really have to admit, though I have only done the Goddess worship and Financial Domination online for a little over three weeks I am enjoying My time with it immensely. When I started dancing several years back I knew that it would be hard for Me to find something I would enjoy more than dancing. No matter what I tried for years afterward, it just never felt better and cooler than dancing. Until now. I enjoy being the Goddess that I am more than dancing. There is just something about it. It is a passion of Mine. It feels just so natural and right. I know - this sounds almost like blasphemy, as far as religious circles goes. Being worshiped as a Goddess and treated accordingly is so taboo and so not accepted in normal society. Especially for a Woman. To have men swoon over Me, to fawn over Me -- to worship and adore Me. To buy Me gifts and make offerings to Me. Simply because I am; just because I exist. For My beauty. For a quick glimpse into My heart. The simple acknowledgement and nod of My perfect head. Wow. The words cannot describe it. The more I feel it, the more I experience it -- the more I crave it. I can understand why a shopping slut needs to shop and be used. I can see why a man craves to worship a Woman. I can understand because I have finally let Myself open to explore My Goddess side more. I can understand because I feel the opposite end of that desire. That need.

Let Me tell you all something. I did not grow up rich. Nor did I grow up pampered. Not in that luxurious sort of way anyhow. Most of My life (with the exception of that year My mom had won that lottery prize) I spent in poverty or in middle class. I didn't know what it felt like to ride in a limosine. Pedicures and Manicures are still something special to Me. Like a kid in a candy store I am exploring this new life. And I love it. It is ME. More so than anything else. When I get present from a shopping slave and open them it is like My birthday or Christmas on an odinary day. It makes a normal day an extra - odinary one. Makes it special so it makes Me feel like I am special and valued. This is nice. This makes not just My face smile, but even My heart and soul.I am probably the only Financial Goddess who still gets butterflies in My stomach when I go to check My mail....and find a box for Me there.

To understand of how I was back then and why it was so hard for Me to explore this and get to here one has to know Me. For that you have to see under what circumstances Women are raised -- the perspective that is drilled into Our heads from society. I am talking about this whole BS of being a submissive and silent housefrau. This is hard to undue. It is hard to break out of. 

The credit of helping Me explore this goes fully to My devotee da'Havor. Because I knew him well I allowed him to be the first one to worship and adore Me. To know Me as a Goddess. I fully opened up to him. No matter how odd or how wrong society said it to be I let him treat Me special and luxuriously from the beginning. he was the one who made sure I got to ride in a limosine. To go on luxury vacations. To get into a spa and be pampered. To get huge sums of money and to be showered with gifts. I cannot give him enough credit; for his love and his devotion. For the fact that he stepped aside and let Me explore freely. he bows before Me daily and gives Me devotions. he assures that I never have a want that is not addressed by him -- no matter what it is. It is his love that set Me free of that which society tried to tell Me about a Woman's place in the world. To be the Goddess I was meant to be!

I am here now and I am here to stay!

Divine HayaH ---
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Date:December 29th, 2008 04:56 am (UTC)
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I absolutely love this post! I was a dancer too so I can very much relate and I too grew up in poverty or middle class, so I know how wonderful it feels to be worshipped, pampered and adored, but most importantly, to be treated as I should be treated and NOT how society says I should be treated.
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Date:December 30th, 2008 05:07 pm (UTC)

Thank you for your comment...:)

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Thank you for your comment Madame Lisa -- this reason is why I tend to blog about more than just the gifts and money I might receive. For Me worship and adoration is a major part of it. The gifts and money just are one way of showing worship and devotion. There are so many more ways that I find of how I can immerse Myself into the Goddess Fetish, and though while I am walking slow I am doing so to enjoy and savor every step of the way :).

We are a new breed of Woman, and it is through us that the world will change their views on what Women should be and how we should be treated -- so hopefully in a few decades a Woman will feel no shame or guilt into being treated well and indulging in Luxury. Otherwise, once the harm is done, it takes a lot to undo the harm. Trust Me, I still have My moments...

Divine HayaH ---