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Come into My domain if you dare, come before Me. I am a Goddess unlike any other you have ever met. Decadent, Illustrious, Voluptuous, Irresistible, Noble, Exquisite - DIVINE

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Sep. 15th, 2008 @ 04:51 pm Still sick...
I am still sick. We got better cough stuff today and more stuff for special tea.  At least the sore throat is a lot better. I should be able to return to the club tomorrow and should be able to resume My normal work - outs again soon too.

Messed around online again a little today. Mainly here on Livejournal and on My fan mailing list. Added a few new pictures to the mailing list and made a few administrative changes for the better. Here on Livejournal I updated My interests. The list is still not exactly the way I want it, but it is much better now. 

I am planning a more meaningful posting, but this may have to wait until I feel a little better!

HayaH ---
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Sep. 14th, 2008 @ 02:17 pm Been feeling "Bleh"....
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Been feeling rather "bleh" still. The throat is getting a little better with the crazy concoction of honey, lemon, garlic, green tea that da'Havor has been serving to Me on a constant basis since yesterday. The Mucinex that I had been taking has not really done as much for My cough as I thought it would so I am back on dayquil now. Yesterday I spent most day being really rather drained and tired and today is only slightly better. da'Havor was a sweetheart though all day yesterday. Not only did he play a game of risk with Me but he also waited on Me hand and foot all day long. he fixed Me a wonderful spaghetti dinner; followed up by one of the most amazing baths yesterday evening with lots of candle light and then we watched a cool movie too. The movie I can recommend to anyone, it is called Vantage point... really good, one of the better ones I have seen recently.

The night had Me coughing in fits on and off. I really realized the short comings of the Mucinex then, and ended up getting up in the middle of the night to take DayQuil. Sadly, My elderly and somewhat uncoordinated cat tried to jump on the bed the wrong way in the middle of the night and gave Me a good set of scratches on My arm in the process.

So yes, it has been a sickly kind of day both yesterday and today...

HayaH ---

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Sep. 14th, 2008 @ 01:47 pm Writer's Block: Checklist for Eternity
If I could live forever how would I spend My time....

I kind of find some of these writers block Questions intriguing and since I am home sick a second day I might as well do one or two of them....

Starting off, if I lived for eternity, there would be a number of things I would be doing. For one I would spend a lot of time learning new and different things in the world and exploring various things that would interest Me. I could take more time with it as I knew My time would never be "up" for any reason and really get into things. I would probably not only try out the good stuff like living in the good places and visiting luxurious places but would also explore some of the simpler things in life. For instance, if I lived forever, I might be willing to try a stint living among monks/nuns, living in a poor part of the world or volunteering for a while in one and might be willing to do also adventurous things like treasure hunting for instance. There are many things that I would be willing to do because time would be eternal for Me, but I would still try to do what I could to make the world a better place in the process of being here forever; not only pampering and spoiling Myself. I would also of course explore multiple jobs and careers in that time, not only settling for one.  The few things that would be really hard about being immortal in body would be that I would have a harder time making connections with people who were not as eternal as I am. It would be hard to see others around Me getting older and know that I would never die or get older Myself. If I would let people know about My immortality would depend on what the world would be like after Me being like that a few hundred years. I would hope they would be ready to accept Me for being that way and would let My knowledge and resources be used to help them openly.

HayaH ---

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Sep. 13th, 2008 @ 09:05 pm Making Progress....
Current Mood: lazylazy
I am making progress in all areas of My life.

Because I am picky My site is not live yet, but I do have great people working on it for Me and I am getting the necessities together for making it a great site. I have a web - puppy in near Me who has volunteered his professional services in building My site from scratch and a wonderful slave girl helping Me with many of the graphics for the site. I met them both in real time yesterday and they are cool and dedicated people who I know will serve well. In addition I have a dedicated supplicant overseas building Me a really neat looking online temple/worship site as well. Lastly there is another online devotee of Mine that did more advertising of My fan Mailing List which swelled the membership to over 330 people. This will all come together really nicely I can see already.

My da'Havor has been serving Me and worshiping Me really well too, especially in the last week or so. It is one of his goals to turn one of the downstairs rooms into a worship area both for him when I am not in the house, as well as for others who may come into the household later on. Not only will this area look great when it is done, but he has commissioned another very talented local artist that I know to paint the walls professionally for free. This is something major and nothing that anyone else will be having. In addition My beloved da'Havor has managed to get a promissory note signed and returned by one of the people who owed him almost 17,000$. This money will be given in 300$ installments and it was given to Me by da'Havor. I was the one who drafted the note to be signed and I was with him at the bank to get the signatures notarized.  Another for the files of of Mine. The service, both personal and domestic, that My beloved companion has given to Me this week has been superb too! he has been getting really smooth and snappy with the protocols and his body is looking ever more pleasing to the eye as he works and serves Me naked most of the time. Yummy! 

In other news I have begun working out at the gym, to tone up My Goddess body a little more. I have a great gym membership and da'Havor is very good for personal motivation and he is a really good working out buddy for a Goddess like Me. I prefer to go late at night rather than in the daytime and I will have to make sure the folks at the gym know that they need to be open longer way longer on the weekends to give Me a place to work out regularly any day of the week. In addition to the gym I have been getting more aerobic exercise at work (working on improving My stage shows and making them more energetic) and have been starting to take walks some days out of the week. 

Sadly, today I have been taken out of My usual routine and have spent most of My time being pampered at home and getting extra rest. Got sick with sore throat and that and partying does not mix, so I have been lazy at home most of the day. Slept a little, played a little, messed around online a little, and I did do a little for My domination site though, joined a mailing list, and am now updating My journal for the first time.

I realized as I was working on My site and as I see the posts and writings of other Dominants that are into the whole goddess thing that I am quite a bit different from them. I will be seeing how the men will react when they see just what I am about considering I have had quite a bit of success already just with the people in real life around Me once I became aware of My Goddess side.

I may post more soon!

HayaH ---

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Apr. 22nd, 2008 @ 12:44 pm What I will be posting about here...
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This journal will not only serve as My sounding board for putting new thoughts out, especially in regards to the spirituality and religion I wish to establish, but also will include notes on My relationship with My man, what it means to be a Woman in Charge, and even include notes on when I dominate men around Me, financially or otherwise.

There may be other things posted here as I feel inclined to do so, but the above is about the main bits. This blog will work together with the sites when I get them up and running. 

Please take a moment to bookmark this blog and to comment on My entries.

HayaH --- 
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