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Sep. 28th, 2008 @ 11:35 am Doing Much better, an update....
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I am finally doing much better in regards to being sick, but it did take a while due to the way I was feeling. The week I was sick I could not get much accomplished at all, much to My dismay. I did however get to go visit My mother and spend some time with her.

My da'Havor has been working really hard on My temple throughout the week; he states it is almost completed enough to be able to be used. Just in time for My birthday too! The artist has been on vacation though for the last week, so the painting will have to wait a little while longer. That is all right though, as I anticipate the painting of the walls to take at least a month or two anyhow since I am picky in regards to what I want on those walls and the artist will need plenty of hours of work - time to complete it all. I have been told he is really good at what he does and he volunteered to do it for My honor.  I already know what I want one of the scenes shown on the walls to be, but I am not telling yet. Pictures will of course be shown on My fan and worship list as well as later on My website.

Today I will be heading to a local munch with da'Havor, to interact more with some of the locals here. The group is run and administered by a Woman and the people going there are very cool and interesting.

My birthday will be on Wednesday. Time flies when you are having fun.

More updating will come soon.

HayaH ---
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