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Dec. 14th, 2008 @ 12:17 pm My mother's eye surgary, gifts and tributes.....
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I have been absent for a few days and this was rather unexpectedly. My mother got approved for glaucoma surgery and was scheduled right away for the newest procedure. The full cost was covered but she had to get it done right away. So I have been spending the last few days helping her recover, keeping her company. She is over My house relaxing and taking it easy. In January she is getting the second eye done. This is making for a very busy holiday season. Today I also run off to a fancy holiday party given by My boss. He's rented out a fancy hotel for this as he does every year; this time it is the Crown Plaza. So I will get to dress up as a Goddess should and get to have a bit of fun in the city with hundreds of other Exotic dancers. Just salivate over this and contact Me to serve Me!

I have gotten a few nice things over the last week or so, and have found Myself being very happy. In the real life a guy brought Me a few Victoria Secret panties. he loves buying Me bras and panties. They are very nice. What is funny the guy who made the offering to Me is not a submissive male - he is as vanilla as they get.  Poor thing got completely smitten by Me. My boy from Europe made Me another tribute in the beginning of December, which I used to get My hair done and to go out to eat a nice Mexican place here in town. I got pictures done which will be available soon! If you want one, and to learn how to have access to the rest of them, e-mail Me at divinehayah @ hotmail.com (take the spaces out). I could use a few hair worshipers and a few more devotees fawning over My perfect beauty. Ohh, in regards to gifts, it looks like I also have a new gift slut. he has purchased My first demanded item, a book, from My wish list and is currently in contact with Me to arrange a more perminant position. I love getting gifts! Last but not least, another guy from the club has finally found the gems that I wanted. I talked to him last night, he said something about three beautiful amathysts that he especially selected from his stash to give to Me. he deals with gems, and again, this is not a submissive man but a normal guy who came too close to a real Goddess. There is more news, but of course I have to run. I must remember to make some pictures of the panties and once I get the gems to make a few pictures of them as well. I love how things are coming together for Me; especially considering I have not really publicized My site yet at all!! No banner exchanges. No databases. No announcing it in any groups or bullitin boards yet. Not bad at ALL!
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