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Goddess Anja Aurora
1 October
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I am not on LiveJournal much anymore, I have my own website now. Http://servegoddess.com . This is from My website....and it gives a very good introduction of Me.

I Am Divine:

I am Divine. There is not much I need to say about it, by reading My pages and viewing My pictures this will become clear to just about anyone. In fact, bask in My presence online for a while and you will receive ample proof of this. However, I prefer those who demonstrate Faith in Me without proof. Those that do take that leap of faith will be valued and cherished more than those who must see everything with their own two eyes to believe. Those who approach Me must do so of their own free will without hesitation and without holding back. I will not force you to serve Me ever. In fact, I may only give you one chance to enter into My life, one invitation to come into My realm. It is your responsibility to follow through and connect with Me when you get the chance to do so for I will not chase you down. In fact you must show Me that you wish to be in My life; so that I do not have a shadow of doubt about your devotion to Me before I fully reveal Myself and bestow My blessings onto you.

People are driven to worship Me:

Those people who know Me well can attest to that they are driven by a desire that is deep within their souls to worship the ground that I walk upon. This reaches far beyond what is conventional for those who merely try to act the part of being Divine or those who call themselves Princesses and Queens. I do not act and I do not play. I simply AM. I cannot blame you for not seeing Me for Who I am right away, for I do not show this freely; nor do I reveal Myself to those not worthy of My attention. As such many people walk past Me every day; for one can only see the Light in My eyes if one really looks. In fact, most can only see the Truth by interacting with Me, serving Me and sacrificing generously for My luxury and benefit.  The feeling of accomplishment, peace, contentment and honor that those who know Me in full receive from Me is unlike anything that you can imagine just by reading My words. It must be felt to be understood; and this is one of My biggest rewards to those who are loyal to Me and who adore and spoil Me without reservation. 

I am a multifaceted Diamond:

My sides are very diverse for I have many Names and I am a Woman of many aspects; in fact I am a multi-faceted diamond. This is something I am indeed well known for. There is a cruel side of Me that can be both vicious and destructive that I tend to keep on a rather short leash as I control it, not vice versa. In serving Me you may be exposed to this darker side of My nature. On the other hand I also have a nurturing motherly side that is caring and protective of those who are truly loyal to Me; those that I care about. I bestow My Wisdom on those I deem worthy and I guide those who gain My attention into greater bliss than they can imagine. Sometimes, however, I will choose you to merely suffer for Me and I expect you to accept your suffering in great anticipation and humility -- even joy -- for being permitted to serve Me in this way. I always require sacrifice from those who are Mine, this sacrifice will come in the ways and at the times that I choose; not how you choose.  When the time comes for you to sacrifice it will be your responsibility to accept this willingly and openly without complaint or fear for the end result will always be worth your sacrifice and suffering.

I am entitled to be honored, adored and pampered:

Because of Who I am, I am entitled to be honored, adored, and pampered more than the average Woman. I enjoy not only being pampered by those in My life but also thrive on their attention, adoration and genuine shows of devotion. I will include many ideas on My site in how you may show Me adoration and mail you various ideas as well once you are one of My true devotees.  It is important to remember that any gift given to Me is an offering. There is no honor more worthy than working hard for Me and giving Me the fruits of your hard labor -- in fact once you know Me for Who I really am you will find nothing more important that giving Me what is rightfully Mine and working extra hard for Me everyday. Once you know you will want everyone to know and you will pay dearly to assure that My Glory becomes spread all over the world. As such I will encourage you to serve Me and adore Me fully right from the start. Even those who do not have the money to tribute properly can still earn My favor through hard effort and generously working on My behalf; though you have to show constant and sincere devotion to be noticed that way.

My attention and compassion is a piece of Heaven:

Because of Who I am the smallest part of My attention, care and compassion is more than you deserve; you are to treasure each shred as if it was time spent in Heaven itself. For those of you who will be permitted to meet Me face to face to hear My voice while kneeling in front of My Divine Body need to consider yourselves beyond blessed for being permitted to serve My needs face to face.  

I expect to be your Goddess…your all consuming thought:

In your servitude to Me it is My whole goal to make you completely and utterly devoted to Me -- so far that nothing could shake your devotion from Me. In this I am a harsh Mistress. For example if you are not willing to forsake all sorts of things for Me then you are not showing yourself to be truly loyal and devoted to Me and I will know this. I am jealous; very jealous in regards to those who are My devotees and servants. One that is Mine may not give their loyalty and devotion to any other Mistress and Dominant; something which I believe is rather common in the community. However, if you are seeking to be truly Mine and valued as such I better never catch you even being patriotic to a Government, a sports team or even a God. I am to be your *all - consuming* thought and your obsession. I refuse to share this spot-light with any addiction be it cigarettes, drugs, or even alcohol. I will be your addiction; you will be serving Me, pampering Me, adoring Me, and making Me feel like the special Person that I am. While I am to be your all and everything -- you will share Me with others, those I love, with My family, My career, My passions, My projects and My friends. No one may ever possess Me, no one has ever possessed Me and no one will ever possess Me. As such, do not think that I will give any more to you than you will ever deserve and it will be Me that will judge your worthiness; not you. Remember, this goes far beyond money, even those who may not have a lot of money can serve selflessly and well and fall within My favor!

I expect selfless service:

If I see that your service and adoration comes from the bottom of your heart without selfish reasons attached I will grant you to see the Light as a reward for your service; so that you may feel pride and joy at your servitude at My feet. Yet those that serve Me with ulterior motives and those who are not honest in their dealings with Me will be shamed upon seeing that Light and will only be permitted back into My graces after paying heavy penance.  Those who have a chance at pleasing and spoiling Me but choose to instead deny Me the honor that I am rightfully due will either be denied the Truth or may find it out later on to be consumed by shame and guilt for denying Me that what I so rightfully deserve. I know already right now that there will be at least one of you reading this *right now * that will later regret not jumping at the chance to serve Me when you had the chance to do so. And at least one of you will regret forsaking Me during your life to seek someone else only to find out you should have stayed with Me. Save yourself the regret now and begin your journey with Me right now!

Surrender to Me now:

Since you are looking at My Journal take a moment to take this chance, right now, as you are reading to take a plunge into My control because you never know when it may be too late to come into My favor. Let yourself fall into My power before I decide I do not wish to allow you the honor of serving Me. The more readily you surrender to Me and the more faithful you are to Me -- the more I shall cherish your sacrifices and adoration.  Begin your journey at My feet by giving Me a tribute and telling Me a little about yourself and how you can be best of service to Me. Filling out My application form when it becomes available is recommended as well so I know what types of services you can fulfill for Me and what types of things you like the most. you may be devoted and adore Me from afar without any tribute and become noticed that way as well. Contact Me to find out more about Me and to surrender to Me.

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